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Professional Marketing Specialist

This certification training will train you to become an expert marketer on the most popular social platforms. We walk you through creating ads on Linkedin, Instagram, and of course Facebook!

Acquiring new leads while keeping your costs down are an art in and of itself. We teach you to be a master at this process, so you can grow your team and then pass on this knowledge to your members so they can duplicate your results.

In this class you'll learn:

  • How to use the Linkedin to find qualified business builders to grow your business quickly.
  • Get the most comprehensive guide to Facebook advertising available online specifically created for Network Marketers and watch your results EXPLODE.
  • Master the art of targeting your IDEAL team member or customer by using specific techniques in your advertising.
  • Expert guide to keeping your advertising costs as low as possible.
  • How to tweak and modify your ads to get the best bang for your buck daily on your advertising costs.
  • Advanced Facebook Mastery so you can do what the pros are doing and get great results too.
  • How to track your ads like a pro so you have a visual on your entire advertising campaign as a whole.

After you finish this training and certification class you will become an expert in this core field of Professional Marketing.

You will learn duplicatable techniques that you can pass onto your team members so they can get the same great results when growing their team members!

Content Marketing Professional

Use Our Simple Step By Step Guide To Learn How To Write Compelling Marketing Content That Will Attract And Dazzle Prospects.

Content marketing means creating valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers. To write great content for your ebook, blog, website or emails; you don’t need to be a great writer. In fact, it’s almost a fill­ in ­the ­blank and mix ­and ­match game. You just need to know the simple yet, powerful 9 rules of writing, and then pick your writing style from the 7 best possible styles of sales copywriting guide.

One of the biggest roadblocks for new or experienced network marketers is coming up with new content for their business. In this training course certification we will show you EXACTLY how to overcome those "creative block" moments when you sit down to write an email, blog, or Facebook post. Download our copy/paste email templates and watch our step by step guides to become the ultimate content creation master by taking this certification course.

In this class you'll learn:

  • The 9 key rules to writing content for emails, blog posts, sales pages, and social media posts, that magnetically attract prospects
  • 7 styles of writing such as storytelling, conversational, sales writing, from the founder, and much more.
  • Learn to create your first professional eBook. This eBook builders guide will walk you through step by step on how to craft the perfect lead magnet.
  • Email Marketing - How to use email marketing to generate leads, nurture existing leads, and how to generate new team members on auto-pilot.
  • Perfecting the perfect landing page for the most optimized targeted lead generation possible to grow your list quickly.
  • Step by Step guide to creating your first website and website content. We show you how to use Yoobly to build the perfect self branded authority website.

After you finish this training and certification class you will become an expert in this core field of content marketing. You will learn duplicatable techniques that you can pass onto your team members so they can get the same great results when growing their team members!

Our Core Training

Available to Executive members. [$10,000 Value]

  • 1

    Foundation & Planning

    Let's set your foundation for learning and plan out your attack!

  • 2

    Closing Leads

    Posturing Conversations & Scripting Presentations.

  • 3

    Landing Pages and Lead Magnets

    There are 10 fundamental rules to create landing pages that will convert.

  • 4

    Facebook Marketing

    Creating effective ads, targeting the right demographic and retargeting.

  • 5

    Building Your Downline

    Duplication strategies.

  • 6

    Managing Your Business

    Recognizing your strengths & weaknesses.

  • 7

    Sales Funnels and Auto Responders

    Creating your first funnel..

  • 8

    Setting Up Your Website

    Think about branding your personal name.

  • 9

    Writing Compelling Content

    To write great sales copy, you don’t need to be a great writer.

  • 10

    Completing and Optimizing Your Website

    Optimize your site for search engines and track via analytic reports.

  • 11

    Social Media

    Absolutely anyone can do it with zero technical know-how.

  • 12

    Creating Your Own Leads

    The money is in the list... How to successfully turn eyeballs into emails and generate your own leads. 

Each of our training modules contain broken down step-by-step training to achieve success in each of the marketing disciplines. All of these areas are vital to creating your online foundation to build from going forward. If you skip steps, your road to success will be that much more of an uphill battle.

Our Facebook Video Training

Available to Executive members. [$2,999 Value]

  • 1

    How To Create A Facebook Page

    Getting your Facebook page up and cranking.

  • 2

    Creating Your First Facebook Ad

    Let us walk you through the setup of your first ad.

  • 3

    Understanding The Ad Manager

    The Facebook ad manager can be confusing.. let us walk you through it.

  • 4

    Resizing & Editing Your Images

    Where and how to get and create the best images for your ads.

  • 5

    Power Editor

    Time to really dial in your customer avatar.

  • 6

    Setting Up Your Conversion Tracking

    Step by step walk through.

  • 7

    More Videos Added All The Time...

    We are always creating Facebook trainings and put them up for our members to view. We will let you know when ever there is a new training module on Facebook available.

We have created specific training courses covering everything on Facebook to show you step-by-step how to map out and implement your own Facebook ads campaigns. We create new Facebook Ad Campaigns in our business and our client's businesses all the time and share this knowledge with our paid university members only.

Custom Lead Management Tool (CRM)

Available to Executive members.

Clean, intuitive layout. One click email campaigns, pipeline for fast prospecting and built in calendar. And landing pages to start capturing massive amounts of leads. Keep your lead management organized so you don't let lead fall through the crack (which equals less sales).

On top of the actual CRM Tool we give you a full library of quick and informative training videos so you can get implemented quickly. Start nurturing your new leads today, keep better track of communication, and grow your downline.

Business & Marketing Resources

Available to Executive members. [$3,997 Value]

There are a TON of online tools, softwares, and programs out that claim to help you with your business, your marketing, your processes, and that are suppose to save time and money… Well.. We give you our preferred list of suggested tools so you can save time from wasted trial and error. We list all of the tools we use internally, recommend other tools, and provide a breakdown of exactly how you would benefit from each in your specific business. We also give you our custom templates and guides for business owners which include: Marketing Calendar, Daily Goal Sheet, Profit and Loss Template, Expense Report Template, eBooks and Guides.

Unlimited Email Support and LIVE Chat

Available to Executive members. [Priceless]

Get immediate daily access to our team when you have technical questions, comments, or need advise on your marketing funnels or business processes 7 days a week! We offer live chat support and email support for 90 days when you invest with us. This is one of the most highly used and valuable services when you get 'stuck' on something and need a PRO, quick.

Pre-Scheduled 1-on-1 Training

Available to Executive members. [$2,000 - $3,000 Value]

Depending on what package signup for today you will have a specific number of pre-scheduled calls with out internal consultants to review, strategize, and help build your business quickly and profitably. We've been in this business for over a decade so we KNOW how to help you with your Network Marketing business.

Custom Lead Magnet Report

Available to Executive members. [$997 Value]

Every successful lead generation campaign starts with a 'lead magnet'. This 'lead magnet' can be a number of things and it can also be a huge roadblock for entrepreneurs who are not savvy yet at creating a slick looking, informative, and valuable piece of content to attract leads (list building).

We create you a custom ghost report that you can use as your lead magnet immediately. No content creation. No graphic designer fee. No PDF conversion issues. We hand it over to you ready to rock!

Custom Auto-Responder Emails

Available to Executive members. [$1,997 Value]

Once you have your lead in your funnel... What do you send them?

We have this taken care of. We provide you with professionally written email templates that you can plug straight into your autoresponder immediately to start closing down new leads in order to grow your downline.

Website Implementation Service

Available to Executive members. [$2,999 Value]

We are not just 'preaching' our experience at Yoobly University. We actually DO IT! When you sign up as a Executive Member, you will also get a custom website.

Here's the Basic Outline..

We will build your Website out, which will establish you as the Authority and Expert in your niche. We literally build out everything for you in our hosted system.

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My sponsor told me my family and friends would go nuts for my product, but they didn't. He kept telling me to push them and keep asking them over and over again, and it ended up being really awkward. When I said I wasn't doing that anymore, he basically dropped me. Yoobly taught me how to grow a real business, finding people who actually wanted to work with me. It's a relief to know I didn't make a huge mistake, and have been able to finally make great money, working for myself.

Lauren W