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The way to improve your prospecting results is to know where to go. Becoming a certified customer prospecting expert allows you to know best online sites to acquire new customers and team builders. You will discover new and cost effect ways to generate qualified prospects and customers.

Learn Where and How To Find The Best Prospects Online

Most network marketers start out by selling to their warm market which typically consists of friends, family, and work associates. This certification will walk you through 5 other ways to generate your own leads and sales.

Each of these 5 prospecting methods can be done by ANYONE once you know how to do them. Plus the effectiveness of these 5 methods will create a higher producing team for your business.

In this class you'll learn:

  • Where to find the best most quality prospects to enroll into your opportunity. Learn to use technology as a major tool in building the best team possible.
  • Learn how to cultivate a relationship with your sales and then master the art of closing the sale.
  • How to become an expert of following up with your prospects and existing team members. This one skill can completely transform your business.
  • Learn how to expertly recruit using Search. Learn our expert closing scripts you can use to bring on prospects from Search Strategies.
  • Learn our secret system for recruiting using Job Boards that will enable you to get them most cost effective leads that are super targeted for your business.
  • Master the art of resume mining that will specifically find you experienced network marketers who are currently looking for a new opportunity.
  • Learn Yoobly's text blitz messaging technique that allows you to contact prospects when and where you want without jumping on a call!

After you finish this training and certification class you will become an expert in this core field of Customer Prospecting. You will learn duplicatable techniques that you can pass onto your team members so they can get the same great results when growing their team members!

Here's What Yoobly Students Are Saying:

Once I showed my network my certifications I was able to book even more sales calls because of the instant authority they represented. Plus the training I got from each certification greatly helped me to build a better business and marketing process!!

Genie F.

I just wasn't making money. I was doing what my team said to do, and it wasn't working. I almost didn't try Yoobly, but I'm so glad I did. Now my whole team asks me for advice all the time, and I'm brand new! Plus now I am getting paid for 5 referrals and pocketing $500 A MONTH from Yoobly for my commission payment!!

Erin G.

Course Details and Description

Finding Prospects

One of the most important things you’ll need to learn is how to find prospects. The reality is that if you approach the process of finding prospects with the right mindset, anyone can be successful.

You have to go beyond just talking to friends and family and expecting them all to join your MLM team. Instead, you have to develop the skills and capabilities needed to take steps towards more success at finding prospects.

Inviting Prospects

When you’re involved in network marketing, you have two primary goals that will lead to success. Selling your products and selling your opportunity.

Once you’ve gone through the process of identifying potential prospects who may be willing to join your team, the next step is figuring out the best way to invite those prospects to take advantage of what you’re offering.

Following Up With Prospects

If you want to really thrive in network marketing, you’re going to have to master the art of the follow up. Once you’ve talked to a prospect or even once you’ve made a sale to them, it’s important that you don’t lose touch. Here you will learn how to following up with prospects.

How to Recruit Using Free Search Strategies

Do you feel like you’re working hard, but you're just meeting the wrong people? Are you wasting time on newbies who might have a lot of heart, but not a lot of real abilities?

Well, that’s what 99% of people in network marketing experience. And guess what? That’s why 99% of the industry gives up and bails.

The great news is that you can turn it around right now. We’ve got a fool-proof system to find the RIGHT people for you, and we even have a way to turn the WRONG people into profitable ones.

How to Recruit With Job Boards

Learn our system for consistently generating leads online for next to nothing. Job Boards allow businesses to post jobs to millions of users. If you are not currently using this strategy as one of your online channels for recruiting, then you need to start asap.

The Secrets to Effectively Resume Minin

Find out how to recruit people who are already familiar with network marketing.

This method specifically finds you experienced network marketers who are currently looking for a new opportunity. How great is that?

Even more importantly, this method finds you people who respected their previous experience in network marketing enough that they’re including it on their resumes. Of all the people who have joined opportunities, the ones disenfranchised with the industry usually leave it off of resumes. The ones who include it have usually found success or saw it as a positive experience, for the most part.

Text Blitz

Are you intimidated to pick up the phone and call prospects? Do you talk too much or get tongue tied easily? Then this is for you.

Text Messaging allows you to contact prospects when and where you want without jumping on a call. And even better yet 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes.

A text Blitz is a way to contact many people in a short amount of time through text messaging with an objective to meet a goal. A goal could be to fill a class, sell a certain product, give out samples, etc.

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ENROLL NOWOne Time Fee of $297 $197

Why Should You Get Certified?

Looking to get ahead in today’s competitive network marketing world? Now, more than ever, trainings and certifications are having a profound effect on a network marketer’s level of success.

Take your business to the next level. Yoobly certified Network Marketers get noticed and move forward in their careers quickly. Compared to others in your industry, Yoobly certified Network Marketers are 90% more productive and 75% more efficient in social media.

Certifications can lead to better opportunities, visibility, and build credibility in today’s complex and ever changing economy. Credentials are becoming more and more important. Certifications are a way to convince potential customers that you posses the skills to educate and lead them.

Being certified, demonstrates to others that you are committed to your business and that are willing to grow and learn. It can open up previously closed doors or lead to better business opportunities.

One of the biggest benefits is that it can improve your skills or help you gain new skills in marketing your business online. This is a huge benefit for your current team. Once you master these new skills you can teach others in your team, our system and training are complete duplicatable.

Join Over 4,500 Other Network Marketers

Yoobly has been training network marketers for over 7 years to become top earners in their respective business opportunities. When you go through the certification programs you will be trained by the industry's leading authority on growing your team using a proven duplicatable process.

100% Online Training

Convenient, immediate, and cost-effective

Yoobly's education certification programs are 100% online! Forget about buying books, supplies, travel expenses, and time away from your family. Yoobly trains you and your team right where you're at.

  • Simple and Flexible: location and time is the greatest limitation on learning. By removing that limitation, everyone can participate at a time that suits their own schedule.
  • Immediate Results and Feedback: Get instant results from online quizzes and other tools to rapidly evaluate your pace of learning. Your questions can be answered in a matter of hours, compared to waiting days or weeks in a traditional classroom atmosphere.
  • Up-to-Date Info: Online delivery of information allows for the most current information available. It’s easier to update a website than change a text book.
  • Cost-effective: Textbooks, supplies, and travel expenses and unreliable. Having a online training offers a low cost solution.

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