Using Social Media to Maximize Your MLM’s Potential

When a new player enters the Multi-Level Marketing game, they excitedly rush to the one place where all their friends reside, the one locale everyone goes to chat with their friends: Social Media. These MLM newbies often immediately find themselves ignored by their cousins, disrespected by their best friends, and “unfriended” by anyone they haven’t…

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Creating a Successful Network Marketing Blog – Part 2

You want to create a successful, quality blog that will attract leads, boost your Google search rankings, provide a spark to your Social Media portfolio, and give your name and business a level of credibility previously unreached. In last week’s blog, How to Create a Network Marketing Blog, we covered which blogging sites to use…

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How to Create a Successful Network Marketing Blog: Part 1

A dream seems to exist in every home business owner’s imagination wherein their future wealth stems from the sharing of their own opinions as a blogger. It’s a great dream, but ever-so slightly misguided.  Let’s dive in and discuss how blogging can make a difference for your business. Starting your own blog is an excellent…

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